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How do you interpret the weather forecast? Redly or Greenly?

“We’re supposed to get rain all week.” This weather report from a friend could make one think/feel/expect rain all week. The mind interprets “all week” as 24 hours a day, for 7 days. The reality is, it’s extraordinarily rare to have a week of constant rain anywhere on the planet. In addition, many times when we say it rained all day, it really only rained 20 minutes – and in only one area nearby. Likely, the sun even broke through – at least once, at least for a moment or three.

What we say has a lot to do with what we experience. We decide if we “experience” our day as mostly cloudy with sun breaks or mostly sunny with showers. (By the way, it’s the morning after the previous evening’s declaration of a week of rain. Since daybreak, it’s been dry – and sunny for several hours.) At least in our viewpoint, we can always live on the sunny side of the street. (That’s where the Green Light signals are!)