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The Green Light Goal:
Create the greatest good, for the most people, in the best way,
for the longest time.

Trinadigm brochure

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     Green Light® Leadership
• Inc
rease effectiveness of the leaders, the individual and the team.
• Energize teams and shift perspectives to positive growth and efficient, constructive action.
• Employ a common, extraordinarily powerful language between the leadership and the team.
• Generate superior results by moving forward together – in a unified, remarkable way.
     Green Light® Management
• Develop a collaborative environment, a sense of community and a Green Light culture.
• Direct the focus away from obstacles, barriers and pitfalls toward key goals.
• Uncover and harness the greatness of team members.
• Expand personal responsibility, contribution and performance.
     Green Light® Change
• Create an immediate change in mindset that opens new doors and reveals new options.
• Avoid getting stuck on what is taken away; explore what can be added, revised or renewed.
• Position change: to avoid creating anxiety, present it as an opportunity.
• Empower everyone in the equation to be a positive part of the adjustment, the new creation.
• Build people’s confidence in their ability to flex with the times, with the situations.
     Green Light® Innovation
• Unleash the power of language: innovate using the Language of Possibility.
• Unify different areas of expertise, under one banner and toward a common goal.
• Generate fresh viewpoints and better questions that support the novel/the new ideas.
• Promote creative cross-fertilization of ideas, build momentum – and excitement.
     Green Light® Wellness
• Illuminate opportunity and foster ownership and connection to the work community.
• Establish a work environment that people look forward to participating in.
• Equip people and assist them to interact constructively, supportively.
• Reduce negativity, foster resilience and promote cohesiveness.

     Gratitude and Appreciation – Powerful Partners for Communicating and Connecting.
Gain awareness of how to appreciate, celebrate and connect more fully with the important people in your world.
• Have fun encountering this lively, dynamic and profound mix of self-replenishing and rejuvenation.
• Experience appreciation and gratitude in new Green Light ways. These two qualities are key elements in growing relationships – and relationships are key to living life richly.
     As a home engineer, caregiver, entrepreneur or employee, these skills positively impact your connect-ability. They grow community and add to your sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Come as you are – and leave with a newfound appreciation for yourself and others and a future enhanced.

Trinadigm™: noun. A new word coined to convey a new tool, Green Light. It refers to a powerful, conscious way of thinking, of viewpoint. It affects everything; a degree of magnitude far beyond the idea of a paradigm shift. Green Light is a mind shift, a new way of seeing, a new way of living; a new universal language enhancing one’s conscious choice of thought, word and action. Subtle yet profound, it permeates and enriches all aspects of your life.