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Praise for GO!
How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make Good Things Happen :

“I appreciate and commend the dedicated leadership efforts of Trinadigm and the Green Light initiative for generating opportunities and developing strategies aimed towards leading the future”.
– Michael A. Nutter, Mayor, Philadelphia

“Marilyn has packed her creativity and positive attitude into this book. With the Green Light Way you are energized and ready to accomplish anything.” – Karen Howlett, President, McSweeney Steel Company

“You made a lot of Green Light thinkers here. Thank you!” – E. Martinson, Helsinki, Finland

“Green Light is surely a new universal mind technology that disregards borders. It is an ideology, applicable in every country and territory on the globe, big or small, in every sphere of life, whether a chimney sweep or a housemaid, a civil engineer or a classroom teacher, a child or an adult. It has impacted my life so much just as I read through this book – and will do for many more as they experience this work. I call it the ‘Greenest revolution.’ It adds up to make the fifth factor of production, in addition to land, capital, labor, and entrepreneurship. All the initial four factors will fail to produce successful products/ results if the labor force and entrepreneurs fail to go the Green Light Ways, think he Green Light innovations, and to manage land and capital Greenly. This new mind technology is most needed in Africa – especially Sub-Sahara, where time still runs slow and people still sleep a lot more than being awake to think Green innovations and going the Green Light Ways. I recommend this area for your next stop in spreading this Greenest revolution. May the good God bless everyone who endeavors to walk this Greenest revolutionary path.” – Mohamed (Sparo) Tarawalley Jr., co-founder, (non-profit) West African Youth Agenda Against Corrupt Practices (WAYAACP). http://wayaacp.wordpress.com

“My ohhh myyy!! Marilyn Schoeman has written the definitive guide to being the C.L.O., Chief Life Officer of your personal world, and of your attitudes, viewpoints, communications, and perceptions. She provides us with a platform for joyfully immersing ourselves in ‘Green Light Living,’ a way of living that, through its ripple effect, profoundly changes our self-perception and thus, our perception of the world. “Marilyn, with her energetic, sparkling ‘Green Language and Green Thinking,’ teaches you how to magnify what has you feeling ecstatic, expansive, prosperous, resourceful, creative, and powerful, and how to ‘minify’ what has you feeling stressed, trapped, panicked, strained, limited, or negative. “Imagine a thermometer filled with GREEN mercury and you’d have a Green-o- Meter! Using insightful exercises, provoking explanations, powerful analogies, humor, and creative self-reflection questions, Marilyn shares the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to think, speak, and ACT as a ‘Green Being,’ and send the mercury to the top of your Green-o-Meter. Buckle up and get ready to reclaim your personal power, overhaul your perceptions, Green-ergize your thinking and speaking, and literally transform your life!!” – Debrena Jackson Gandy, author of All the Joy You Can Stand, www.MillionDollarMentor.net

“GO…GO GREEN…TURN ON THE GREEN LIGHT…and move with the latest book to hit the market in the challenging arena of creativity and innovation. This book not only provides some real insights into the intricate nature and beauty of the creative personality but also illustrates the full realization of this special human quality with candor and clarity. Every page is a joy to read! It is rare to come across a book that clearly sets out and then demonstrates the power and beauty of good, creative thinking. I have known the author for many years and this book brings together a lifetime of experience, reflection, and scholarship. Here is a book which all should read, if only because there is such wisdom within its covers.” – Dr. Kirpal Singh, Director, Wee Kim Wee Center, Singapore Management University, author of Thinking Hats and Colored Turbans

“The Green Light system creates enormous possibilities for independent film. We’ve intuitively worked with a Green Light approach on, We Are the Hartmans, which has instilled a unique kind of passion and commitment in our production team and actors. Investors are attracted to this energy and funding has happened quickly. This organic yet focused collaborative approach, used widely, could very well bring a renaissance of creativity, quality, and profitability to independent filmmaking.” – Cielito Pascual, co-producer

“I think that ‘Green it up’ means you will be more connected to each other. Because when you are snappy to each other you can’t get very good connection energy wise. – Kyle Laughlin, age 13

“GO! helps people flip the switch from limited to expansive thinking.” – Nancy Scholl, CFO, Wright Hotels, Inc., Seattle

“The Green Light Way leads you to dream of – and take – the right way. This book will show you how to override those nagging negative thoughts quickly, effectively, and permanently!” – Britt Santowski, MA, and author of The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman

“For a better life, more satisfying success, better relationships, and more peace of mind, GO, the Green Light Way.” – Patrick Snow, international best-selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“It is so easy to get bogged down with negative thoughts. Green Light really helps to keep my attitude and vision looking to a positive future.” – Cathy Gaspar, owner, design manager, Gaspar Design and Construction

“GO! increased my ability to be positive in situations and relationships in a powerful way. The concepts are easily grasped and can be adapted to all circumstances. My conscious positive actions when using the Green Light Way are contagious for others, in both my personal and professional life!” – Jeanette S. Voelm, OTR/L Occupational

“This application of positive psychology well serves business and organizational development. A remarkably timely approach as the many paradigms shift. (I almost made a Red Light comment to my son and caught myself and corrected it. The concept is subtle and great – and works at home too.)” – Dr. Adam Blatner, psychiatrist and author of Foundations of Psychodrama, The Art of Play

“Green Light is a simple and profoundly effective tool to keep ourselves in the Go, in our flow in Life. Through short questions and reflection, we can quickly identify when in a Red Light and easily move into Green. I love the element of fun and humor Marilyn brings to this effective work as well!” – Karen Fletcher, MPH, Founder of QiDancing, cultural anthropologist www.QiDancing.com

“Roll down the street of life with all Green lights. You are more powerful than anyone ever dared allow you to believe. So go ahead – give yourself the Green Light.” – Andy Geraci, CEO, Sprint Delivery, Reno, Nevada

“Green Light builds confidence in my creativity. This is the proverbial low-hanging fruit that people describe – quick and easy to get.” – Tari White, Tree of Life Project Management

Praise for Marilyn’s Presentations with Green Light

“We were delighted to share your Green thinking with Westin’s directors of public relations.” – Dashel Wham, Public Relations Manager, Westin Hotels and Resorts

“Green Light thinking is helpful and can guide us in a positive direction. I’ve used it several times already. I find great value in applying these methods.” – Franchot L. Fenske, partner, R.W. Beck Engineering, Seattle, Washington

“The material was particularly relevant given our management challenges. I, for one, will work much harder to be a consistent Green Light thinker.” – James P. Limbaugh, President, CEO, Boatmen’s National Bank, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

“We are quite into the terminology and concept of Green Light thinking.” – Glenda Brock Simmons, Vice President, Student Life, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas

“Thank you! We are thinking Green to produce the best possible results in the challenges we face every day.” – John. R. Rooff , former mayor, Waterloo, Iowa

“Our people loved your presentation. The afternoon consulting and application session proved to be invaluable.” – George Bernardo, National Association of Electrical Engineers

“Every time I hear you speak I feel revitalized! You were speaking to a tough audience, and I am honestly amazed they were so receptive. That says a lot for you and your style.” – Teresa Spellman, Senior Conference Planner, UW Extension, University of Washington, Seattle

“Green Light changes everything.” – Sandra Jones, President, Sandra Jones, Inc.

“Makes the positive shift from any red to Green. Energizing.” Karen Abbey, Coldwell Banner Bank

“Really positive event. Loved Marilyn’s energy.” Bharti Kamran, AXA Advisors

“Created a whole new mind set for me.” Robert Mull, author, documentary film-maker

“Green Light is a bridge to understanding energy and how we can consciously learn to master it.” – Kathryn Burks, VizAbility Unlimited

“Encourages me to shift from auto-pilot into a more conscious and intentional way of thinking and being.” – Lucinda O’Halloran, Spirit Garden Design

“Marilyn runs a great session. Lively, fun and informative plus engaging. What more could you ask for? Her premise and her book are BIG while still being easy to grasp. Thanks!”  – Terra Vita, Ghost writer

“Marilyn Schoeman epitomizes “GO!” She challenges you to celebrate, receive and take action now! When I left her presentation I felt loved, prosperous and revived to take the next step in my abundant future! Thank you Marilyn, I salute you! :)”  -Kimisha Turner, The Dr. Pat Show & Transformation Talk Radio