How To Play

BOFF-O! Brain On Fast Forward App

How to Play:

(Currently my BOFF-O! app is under construction – implementing updates. Until posted please use these directions.)
1) Tap the up/down arrows above the Launcher card to select a card.  Tap the card. Now tap the term you want to use.

2) Then choose one term from the Booster card deck the same way.

3) Now combine these terms to create something new or improve something existing. Add specific details to explain your AHA!
so others grasp your idea.

4) Enter your AHA! under the cards, then tap the check mark.  Earn 50 points.

5) After making a few AHA!s easily, start putting your AHA!s to work. Select a Target card.  Pick a Target and hit it. Earn 20 more points.

6) Tap My Ideas to see your AHA!s.

1. Launcher: Robot +
2. Booster: Make waterproof =
3. AHA! Make waterproof robot that teaches people to swim.
4. Target: Social Situations: Groups hold parties to teach swimming. (Shelby, age 11)

*** TIP:  To score points, use the actual terms, exactly as printed, for your Launcher, Booster and Target. If you modify a term, include both term and modified form. So if the Launcher was Horse and the AHA! refers to pony, write both Horse and pony. Example:

1.  Launcher: Horse +
2.  Booster:  Decrease Resistance =
3.  AHA! Create a pony blanket with images of kids having fun riding a Horse, to Decrease Resistance to riding.

***TIP: Think flexibly! The terms can be interpreted many ways.

Hanger  Can mean: clothes hanger, picture hanger, cliff-hanger, airplane hangar…
Insulate Can mean: protect from cold, heat, water, air, piracy, damage; separate groups, prevent static, isolate from others…
Pacifier  Can mean: baby soother, mouth toy, peace maker. What about pass-a-fire?!

Launcher + Booster = AHA! (50 points)

AHA! + Target = Bonus AHA! . (20 points – 70 total)

A real challenge & AHA!: General Electric ships light bulbs to Europe where rules require seller to take their product-packaging back home. The actual breakthrough AHA! below shifted thinking and opened a new realm of possibilities!

1.  Launcher: Can +
2.  Booster: Change container =
3.  AHA! Package bulbs in a garbage can, deliver the light bulbs, then sell the garbage can!

Saluting your creativity and your creations!