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Three Green Light Salutes to Oslo’s Mayor Stang!

As reported in a news account following the recent tragedy in Norway, Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang, when asked whether greater security measures were needed, sternly rejected the notion:  “I don’t think security can solve problems. We need to teach greater respect.” Teaching greater respect moves us in a Green direction. It’s a crucial time to switch our focus from the Red Light “Who’s wrong? Who’s right?” to “What’s Green?” Let’s each take a Green action today that conveys respect – from one human to another.

Green Light salutes to Dan Burrus!

Dan Burrus’ groundbreaking best-seller new book, Flash Foresight, offers 7 principles that make invisible opportunities visible. In his 7-11 newsletter, “Techno Trends: Big Ideas That Are Changing Everything”, Burrus shares a timely, widely applicable thought from his book.

“The question becomes, will we let ourselves see the opportunities and become motivated by foresight or wait until we are seeing the crises happen before our eyes, and become motivated by hindsight? It’s time to stop mourning the “good old days” and start reinventing the new ones.”