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Tripping out!

In a conversation I overheard, an older woman telling her daughter, “I’m going on my last big trip.” “Oh, you’ve been saying that for 10 years now – and look how many big trips you’ve taken!” her daughter said.

The older woman added an unnecessary element of sadness and finality that diminished the joys of anticipation that she could have been experiencing instead. She Redded on herself a bit. What if she changed just one word in her statement?

“I’m going on my last big trip.”
“I’m going on my next big trip.”

She could have Greened her viewpoint – and added to her own delight, as well as that of the other person.

In the next few days, keep your ears open for any similar thinking – opportunities to Green up your NEXT thought – and viewpoint.

What we say matters. What we say has energy. What we say can manifest.

I wanted to learn more about a company that sends special deals on a regular basis so I signed up for the service. After a few days, I knew enough and chose to unsubscribe. When I did that, a message came up saying they were sorry to see me go and it was Ferdinand’s fault that it didn’t work out. Then a button appeared you could click. It said, “Punish Ferdinand.”

I was just going to close the message but then wondered what the punishment thing was about. So, I clicked the button, and up popped a real person in an office being confronted by a colleague. He was being scolded – then scalded – with a cup of coffee thrown in his face. (At least that’s the image.) Number one, this does not seem to serve the company – at least not in the long run. Long after some may have gotten a laugh, the subtle – or not so subtle remnant of the experience likely leaves a bad taste in the heart, and a negative image of the company in the mind.

The company name is not given here. (Ferdinand is not the real name). That would be Red Light. Green Light is about sharing information that’s helpful and uplifting, learning together in constructive ways. Because this company reaches many people, I sent the message below, preceded by a Green statement.)

Drop the “Punish” piece. It doesn’t serve you – and it certainly doesn’t serve the rest of us. Punish? Someone does his job and gets punished for what he had no control over? Not a good message. It adds to the negative deluge we’re surrounded by. Coming from an organization that, at least in theory, is bringing a win to the buyer and to the seller, this is counterintuitive.

Find a better way to be humorous – one that promotes something good – like Ferdinand at least waving goodbye to the lost customer – perhaps sadly – and the other person consoling him. Now that would be helpful. You are in a position to make a powerful positive difference – while making your profits. Consider making a move in that direction. (Weeks later, no response.)

GO! Create more Green Light signals.  Marilyn Schoeman

The Green Light Goal: Create the greatest good, for the most people, in the best way, for the longest time.

Welcome to my Green Light® blog.

The Green Light Goal: Create the greatest good, for the most people, in the best way, for the longest time.

(NOTE: Click “Green Light – How to Use It.” Get a jump start on using this new powerful universal language. As you read the items below, notice what’s Green Light [all the good stuff] and what’s Red Light [the ungood stuff.] Have fun playing/living the game of Green Light® – think, speak and ACT to make good things happen.)

1-1-11 HAPPY NEW YEAR! YaHOO! Hooray! Zippity doo da day – TODAY! This is a new beginning. A fresh start. A new opportunity to Green up our lives. A chance to review our legacy and see what we want to add to it. Do something today that celebrates YOU. Every aspect of our lives contributed to who we are today. Whatever that is, we can create anew from this space. So have at it! What shall we do to make this a Greener year than last?

On New Year’s Day, a newspaper featured four stunningly beautiful color photos of ice-frosted scenes of nature’s artistry – all brightened by a brilliant coat of sunshine. The descriptions focused on the beauty. A statement followed, that temperatures were expected to inch up over the next few days, with four days of sunshine before rain might come again.

Everything on the first day of the New Year was beautiful and positive – very Green – until the last four words. Imagine the difference in how people might have felt if they were omitted. The readers would likely have been left with a more upbeat feeling. Since weather is such a common element in conversation, those would likely be more upbeat as well. Instead, rain – by some considered a downer – was the final note. And, of course, rain could return at any time. So can sunshine. Whatever is going on, we get to choose to see it, to experience it in a Red Light way or a Green Light way. Let us GO for our Greenest year in 2011.

GO! Create more Green Light signals.  Marilyn Schoeman