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Returning to Singapore!

March 1, 2012
Marilyn will be giving a keynote in Singapore on participative leadership and leading a workshop on creativity/innovation. (She’s extra excited, as she worked there years ago and is eager to see it now.)

One Response to Returning to Singapore!

  • With the Presentation of Marilyn Schoeuman in Singapore in the Conference on ” Women in the Community” the topic GREEN LIGHT awake me up for our Girl Guides of Cambodia are faced on Leadershop grow and from lack of education, the most Girls shy of talking out, they want to give voices of themselves and Girls friends to spread their voices out, but they lack of how to strong of speaking with community and with wider society.
    We want to Marilyn and friends support our Girls to strong leaders on speaking out about their progressive and situation of Girls…

    We hope you and your friend interested to build up Capacity of our Girls…