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Are you making the patient sick? Get Green Light medicine.


NOTE: This article applies Green Light ® to a specific challenge. What challenge would you like to Green up?)

Are You Making the Patient Sick?
(Take a dose of Green Light® Medicine.)

Is the patient better off or worse off because of your visit? Are they eagerly anticipating your return or helplessly awaiting your departure? Do you sooth their spirit or set off a surge of high blood pressure alerts?  My mother’s wisdom comes to mind: “Everyone brings joy here – some by coming, some by going.”

Years ago, my father was suddenly diagnosed with a terminal condition. When I visited him at the Mayo Clinic, I wore my Groucho glasses. Their big bushy eyebrows, big nose and mustache instantly triggered a great grin on Dad’s face – and returned the twinkle to his eyes.

When hospital staff came in and saw me with the glasses they always smiled and joked about them. Dad’s response was so strong I have since worn many a pair of funny glasses on hospital visits. I leave them behind for a diversion, for smiles – and a reminder to focus on life and living.

When a dear petite elderly friend was hospitalized, I came to visit her wearing the Groucho glasses. I squatted down to her eye level in the wheel chair to give her the full effect. She laughed and giggled like a child. Then I put the glasses on her face. She just beamed! Nurses told me she wore them most of her stay. She’d tootle down the hallways, leaving happy smiles in her wake.


Green Light is a new universal language – and a learnable skill. It’s a conscious choice – a conscious intention to think, speak and ACT to make good things happen.
How do you think, speak and act in situations involving health issues?

Green Light® style – positive, optimistic, heart-lifting; focused on objectives and good news, on healing, wellness, humor, on being helpful, reassuring, supportive

Red Light style – negative, pessimistic, depressing; focused on obstacles and difficulties – on sickness, injury, debt, arguments, fear, aging, death