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A persistent bird protecting its nest, battles his reflection in the window…

Marilyn commented on a post for the American Creativity Association blog in response to an article about innovation:

“The situation reveals another, likely greater challenge for innovation. After stating that this bird repeatedly wounded itself by hitting the window, the author writes, “Waving the poor thing away was only a momentary solution.” No indication is given of any other attempt at a solution. (Taping a piece of paper to the glass, putting an “X” of masking tape on the window has worked for others.) THE POINT IS, A PROBLEM WAS CLEARLY EVIDENT, ONE SOLUTION WAS ATTEMPTED, FAILED, END OF STORY. Yet that is one of the most important elements of creativity – to NOTICE a problem – and then to ACT to remedy it. Absent ACTION, not a whole lot else makes a difference. What challenge is on our radar? What are we DOing about it? Innovatively -or otherwise?”